Friday, October 23, 2009

Moscot: A Pioneer In Eyeware

Moscot is actually the first brand that got me into actually thinking about these things that I have been wearing on my face since I was in the first grade. I've recently thought about getting a new pair of glasses as well for a few reasons. Though I think that getting my first pair (Hesh's) was a good idea since I really do like them, but I went about it in a very half-assed manner. I didn't get them very well fitted, and as a result, the temple length is too big and thats why they always seem to be falling from my face. Because of this I was thinking about getting another pair from a different designer, (Shuron being my second choice after Moscot) but I think Instead I'll just go the distance and make sure my next pair will be exactly what I want, something that will fit me well, both physically and my style. The reason I actually got to thinking about this again was also because I stumbled on a video about Moscot on Hypebeast that was done by Complex Magazine and I think it's great that this brand is getting some spotlight that it deserves.

(Sorry for such a half-assed and rushed post. I'll be sure to do a more extensive update on eyeware once I finally make a decision on what I get next.)

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