Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Steinway, Summer, St. John's, and Soho

This week has been pretty chill thus far, and it's only gonna get better. Monday my friends and I went to see 500 Days of Summer. It was a really damn good movie, and I definitely see it again if i could. I was feeling that it wasn't a love story, it was a story about love. Anyways before we got there, David and I went to a Salvation Army store and I ended up getting two James Patterson books for the low low. Today I went to St. Johns to handle my tuition and loan stuff, and after I went to Barnes and Nobles, and ended up getting the latest GQ. After I met David to go to Soho, and I actually got a few pieces today. Thanks for being on point Uniqlo and A.P.C

The pickups thus far:

GQ and the two James Patterson books:

APC boat shoes I've had my eye on for months now


As I said before, this weeks been good to me, and it's only going to get better. I do have something bringing me back to reality, and I have to start refreshing myself on it. Its gonna be a tough year.

Anyways, I'm out for now. 08 bbq and chillin this Saturday, so we def. gettin it poppin.

Piece and much love.

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  1. Beautiful pickups. I love your blogspot, i'm down with the whole mix of pics and story. it's legit, and we can still hit up some shit to take pics, i keep forgetting. is it 5 points or 7 points lol?